Outside The Reach

"We have always lived outside The Reach. They never allowed us to be in their little society. They viewed us as monsters. Killers. Rapist and animals. Today that changes. We march on The Reach today. We take the capital from the Elves!"

The crowd of Orcs cheered and raised their weapons. Chants of victory shook the surrounding lands. The blood moon was tonight. A sacred night of bloodshed for the Orcs. On many moons they won great victory in violent battles. On others they would fight each other to the death. A culling of the weakest Orcs. Tonight they would bathe in blood again.

The Elves hadn't prepared for this. Tonight was another night for them. The High Elves never learned the culture of the other races. If they had, they would have spent today on guard. They would pay for this in blood.

Part 2 - Blood Moon

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