Stay Frosty

Part 1 - Personal Space
Part 2 - Down By The Docks
Part 3 - Warm Storage
Part 4 - Frost
Part 5 - Cheap Thrill
Part 6 - Chemical Bonds 
Part 7 - Hydraclerchlemnochlane

"Mr. Swift, would you please tell the court how you caught the defendant," the lawyer asks.

"A little work and a lot of time. Took months and I had to make friends with the security guard. I had to get copies of who came and went. Had to know who was in charge of getting and distributing supplies. After figuring that out it was clear Mrs. Daye was guilty. She was the only one who could order Hydracle...Hydreclerchle....the chemical needed to manufacture Frost. It only took so long to catch her because she spaced the orders out so much," I wait for more questions.

"Thank you Mr. Swift, that will be all," the defense doesn't have questions for me so I step down.

I don't need to know how the case ends. Once I turned over my investigation results to the police, they got search warrants and everything they needed to prove it was her. I just wish I hadn't dedicated so much time on this one. I didn't get paid for this case and that sucks. I guess I made the neighborhood a little better, but that'll probably just get my office rent raised up.

 The one thing I couldn't figure out is why. She had money, she had a big house, way bigger than me. A nice car, and happy family. She gave us everything on her plan. Gave us all her dealers. With all of them gone, the supply instantly dried up. She had an entire criminal organization when she didn't need one. Just never said why. Part of me wonders if she was just bored. What happens when you have so much privilege that you escape punishment for doing wrong? So much money they can't prosecute you? I imagine people start to give in to their wildest fantasies.

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