Part 1 - Personal Space
Part 2 - Down By The Docks
Part 3 - Warm Storage
Part 4 - Frost
Part 5 - Cheap Thrill
Part 6 - Chemical Bonds 

"Why did you call me here if you didn't have the results," Angela has never been one to be petty before so I'm not sure what's eating at her right now.

"I do have the results. I'm just opting to not give them to you. I called you here to ask that you give up this case and focus on something different. I put together a list of twenty-seven cases that will pay for a reward and are less than 48 hours old," Angela hasn't done this much for me since we were together. Something is wrong.

"Alright, be real with me, what is in those results that has you bugging?"

"I'm not bugging, I just think this case will take you nowhere. Probably not even paying much."

I walk over to Angela and tug at the report like a small child. I open the envelope and read the breakdown of the drug. I'm not chemist but I picked up enough in high school chemistry and perhaps some of Angela's talent is sexually transmitted. I recognize most of the chemical names, or at least can recall I heard them before. One name stood out, mainly because she had circled it and placed an exclamation point next to it. Hydraclerchlemnochlane, I can't even pronounce that.

"Angela, what's this one do," I ask pointing at hydraclerchlemnochlane like the word is some kind of chemical.

"I don't know, I just know this is the only place you can get it. We developed it in the lab."

Well that throws a wrench in my plan. I need to take down whoever is behind Frost. Now I have to do it without getting Angela fired. That's going to be hard considering everyone in the building is a suspect now. Maybe there's another way to find out who is behind the drug.

Final Chapter

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