A Million Miles

Steady rain falls upon a beach. A dirt road leads Northeast. I could follow it and just never go back. I've gown so tired of my life. Many people say life is full of ups and downs but mine seem to only be downs. There are never any ups. However, I have no intent on surrendering my life to death or the great beyond.

I simply need a change. I need to move on from those who only greet me with their hands out. I have nothing left to give them so it only angers them when I tell them to move on. The ones that I care about have long since moved on or passed away. They have gone on to become someone else. Still, I am right here.

I am not sure what I have become. People see me as some sort of emperor, as if I had it all. My empire is nothing more than an empire of dirt. Still, they wish to take it all. If I could, I would start all over again. Somewhere a million miles away.