The Black Widow of Blackport

"Please don't argue. You have to leave right now, you aren't safe here," she spoke to the massive man.
"I'm safe wherever you are he responded," speaking clearer than ever before.

He had been walking past her house that night as he always had in the past. The man loved her, but she never returned his love. Still, he longed to be close to her. He would take the long way home at night, just as a reason to pass by her house. Hopefully she would be outside to wave to him. He wouldn't pass her home until after 10PM but he still hoped she would be there.

On this night he heard screaming come from her home. In a panic he kicked through the door and followed the screams. There in the basement he saw her, the woman he had always loved, covered in blood. His heart sank in that moment fearing that she had become a victim of some heinous crime.

When he finally assessed the situation, he realized she was the murderer in this situation. The basement of her home had been set up as a kill room. She spoke but he didn't listen. Barrels of acid with partly dissolved bodies littered the basement. How long had she been killing? Is this why the men she dated seemed to vanish without a trace? He was unsure of what to think.

"I still love you," he told her. He wasn't lying. He had loved her since second grade.

"You aren't safe loving me. I'm a monster. It's best you leave here and never return."

"You love me too. That's why I'm not in one of these barrels," he said moving closer to the danger.

"Don't come closer," she shouted out.

He stepped closer still. She lunged at him with the knife, slashing across his chest. Still he didn't flinch. He accepted the pain as her way of saying she loved him too. She could have stabbed him in the heart if she wanted. Instead only a slight cut.

"I love you," he said wrapping her in his arms.

"I love you too," she said dropping the knife and embracing him as he finally dreamed.

"Help me," the man who was previously being tortured forced from his lips.

"Shut up," the monster of a man responded. Snatching the bloody man from the table by his legs. He dunked the man in a vat of acid until he stopped struggling. He released the body and let it settle into the barrel.

"Oh, I love you," she said planting a kiss on her new lover's cheek. 

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