The Blackport Butcher

"Don't open the door!" she yells out.

By that time, it is too late. The door was already opened. Standing before them was Blackport Butcher. A serial killer who had been ravaging the city with his brutal crimes. There he stood covered in the blood of the strange woman they had just let in. A bloody bat gripped firmly in his hand. There was no mask like the reports had stated. How would the reports have factual information when there were no survivors or witnesses?

Instead he stood tall, almost seven feet tall. He was a monster of a man, pure muscle it seemed. How nobody had witnessed this shirtless bear of a man murder 13 people is another mystery. Mud was caked on his boots despite no rain in the last two weeks. The frightening part was not his murder attire, his muscle mass or anything else. It was the beady eyes that had no life in them as if this man had died years ago, despite that they burned with an intensity of Hell.

The Butcher tosses aside the man who opened the cabin door as if he weighed nothing. Slamming the door behind him The Butcher heads straight for the woman. The men attempt to stop him and he only tosses them aside, unconcerned about any damage they can do to him he only focuses on his goal. He lifts the bat to finish the murder he started earlier that night. Instead he's met with a back full of birdshot from a shotgun held by another man.

The butcher abandons the woman for the moment and turns to the man who shot him. The first swing of the bat knocks the gun from his hands before he can fire. Shocked he stood there thinking a silent prayer before meeting his fate. The second swing shattered his ribs and dropped him to the floor. It wasn't long until The Butcher had finished him. Six swings in total.

He turned to the other men who had huddled in a corner, afraid for their lives. 14 swings and they had retired from this world. Turning to the woman The Butcher smiles and opens his arms wide for a hug. The look of terror leaves the woman's face and is replaced with a smile. She rushes forward and kisses The Butcher ignoring his request for a hug. The Blackport Butcher is not a man. The Blackport Butcher is a couple.
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