The Man Comes Around

For the last few days I've had a constant feeling. It felt like someone was watching me. The constant paranoia is starting to drive me crazy. I can't control it. I swear I'm not being crazy. It would feel like someone was watching me and I turn around to see nothing there. I'm not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me or not.

The other day I was sitting at a red light and got the feeling that this red sedan was following me. I ran the light and I just kept running. I ran so far away but I couldn't get away. I pulled over ready for a confrontation and the car wasn't even there following me. I've looked it up and I'm not schizophrenic. At least, I don't have any symptoms so someone has to be following me.

Looking over the balcony I see it. I see the car that was following me. I see the man who I kept seeing from the shadows. I knew I wasn't crazy. I'm not relieved. If I was crazy that could be helped but this man has been following me for a week and he's finally found me.

He slides out of his car. Taller than I expected. Wearing a black trench coat in the middle of summer. He reaches back into the car and tucks something into his pocket, likely a gun. Again he reaches this time he grabs a bowler hat and black sunglasses. He glances up to me and smiles a crooked smile wrapping around his lips.

He moves towards the front door of my apartment building and I have to weigh my options. It won't take him long to make it up to the second floor. I grab my phone and at that moment I hear a heavy handed knock at the door. It's him. I've got no idea what to do. I could call 911 but they would never believe me.

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