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The knocking at the door continues. I panic, and run for the balcony. I lean over, it's not a long way down. It's only the second story. If I tuck and roll I should be fine right? Screw it, I dive over the balcony as I hear the door crack. He's breaking down the door. I don't know what I did to this guy but he's determined.

I stumble to my feet and a pain shoots across my ankle. I don't think it's broken but it's sprained at least. I hobble to my car and start. No time for seatbelts or picking a radio station. I see the man approach the balcony and look down at me. For the first time I can get a clear look at his face. It's pale and he flashes me a crooked yellow smile.

I don't slow down until I'm sure he's not following me. I try to think of all the people I had wronged and I can't think of a single one that would want me dead. I ride pass my parents' home. Initially I was going to stay with them but I couldn't bring that monster to their lives. Instead I just keep driving. Not really knowing where I'm heading.

I come to a stop at a railroad crossing. The bell rings and lights flash. There's a train approaching. A black sedan creeps into position behind me. The headlights flood the inside of my car. I hear the engine idle and footsteps as the door closes. Not right now, please not right now. In the side mirror I see the same man slowly walking towards my car.

I floor it, the train is coming but I floor it. I'll take my chances trying to beat the train.

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