Sunday Morning Coming Down

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The train hits hard. The car rips to shreds and tumbles through the air. I had to take the chance. It was either the train or the man in black. I took my chances with the train. My luck finally ran out and now my whole world is upside down. I unbuckle my seat belt and drop to the roof of the car which now sits on the ground.

Rolling over I try to feel my face only to see my hands covered in pieces of glass. Instead I crawl from the car slowly. I gasp for breath as the train continues to ride by unbothered by me. Every breath hurts and and I feel my ribs stab my insides.

Glass crunches under footsteps and I know it's him. I know it's the monster that's been chasing after me. He pauses. I try to move but I don't have the energy. He starts to walk again this time slower. The footsteps closer and closer. It's as if he's purposely grinding the glass with every step. This is it, the end for me.

He bends down and stares at me. I stare back at his dark glasses and twisted smile. The yellow teeth. He's dressed nicely, but smells like sulfur. I know this is the end, I want to cry, I might be crying but I can't feel my face.

"Why," I ask through gritted teeth. "Why?"

"Because I can," he slurs back at me.

The man places his hand over my face. Blue light shines from behind his glasses and he smiles. My face grows warm and my vision starts to blur. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. Oh shit.