7 Minute Drill #1

I hold me breath, trying not to breathe from fear that a single breath would disturb a pebble beneath me and signal my location. I pray to God that my heart will stop beating so hard as two pair of feet stop in front of me, just out of my reach. If they look beneath this car, I'm done. They'll snatch me from beneath it and they'll kill me.

"Nah, we not done yet. There was a guy who saw us, I know I saw him," the first voice says.

"If there was one more, he got away already," a calmer voice speaks.

"And if he got away, then we've got a witness, and we don't need that," the first voice speaks again.

"Shit, alright, keep looking," the second voice agrees.

Not long ago I was at a house party, enjoying myself. I stepped outside to get some fresh air on the back porch. Further into the backyard three men were talking. It seemed extremely calm, until it wasn't. One man was held by another and the third stabbed him repeatedly. I screamed in shock then took off running. I don't know what they did with the body because one of the men started chasing me through the neighborhood before the scream could fully exit my mouth. A few minutes later, his friend joined the chase.

Sirens in the background lead to the footsteps quickly running from the area. I don't move, I don't plan to move until morning when I know it's safe.

In an attempt to get back to writing, the proceeding was written in 7 minutes, with no prompts. I'm recovering, like an athlete with a torn ACL. Slowly getting back to peak levels.