Day 218

Day 218 of travel and Azure awakes to a sight she never imagined she would see. The planet Earth, once thought to be lost, was here after all. Azure and a dozen people fled the space station that they had spent their lives on. A caste system had been created, and mutiny became a common occurrence. The stolen ship lacked many of the comforts of their former home, and there was no guarantee that Earth was still livable. But they had to go, there was no other logical choice for them. They had been told their entire lives that Earth was destroyed by pollution and the air was poison. It would be another few days before they actually reached Earth, but they could see it, still there and that was enough for now.

Azure stepped away from the screen that served as a window and tossed herself back into her bed. She buried her head into a pillow and shouted. The excitement simply couldn't be contained. Earth was right before her. Not in her reach, but a few more big leaps and she would be there. 

The sound of shouting echoed and bounced off the ship's walls, but it wasn't Azure's shouts; it was the shouts of her friends. No doubt waking up to their own views of earth. They had come so far, and the future may not be as bright as they hope, but there was hope. For 218 days, they waited for hope, and it had finally arrived.

Not sure where the picture came from, I saw it on Reddit but we all know Reddit doesn't do much original these days.