Mr. Hop

"Hey, I have to kill your rabbit," the demon hunter says bluntly.

"No," young Bobby tightly hugs the rabbit enclosure turning away.

"It's the only way."

"But why Mr. Hunter, why," tears now streaming down his face.

"Because you distracted me when I pulled the demon out of Old Man Grif. I didn't get it fast enough and now it's in your rabbit," Mr. Hunter has no tact.

"He's not possessed," Bobby argues.

"Andrew Tate did nothing wrong. Hustle hard. Get jacked, stop being a brokie," the rabbit gurgle out in a deep and gravely human voice.

"Okay," Bobby says, "maybe Mr. Hop is a little possessed. Why can't you just pull the demon out?"

"Tools are too big to use on a rabbit without killing it."

"I won't let you have my bunny," Bobby grips the cage tighter.

"Well, I tried," Mr. Hunter sighs, causing Bobby to loosen his grip on the cage.

Mr. Hunter packs up all of his gear and prepares to go. He digs deep into his pocket and pulls out a hand full of money. A $20, a $5 and and two $1 bills. "Yoink," Mr. Hunter shouts as he snatches the cage and begins to run. When Bobby screams Mr. Hunter throws the handful of money at him. "Buy a new rabbit," his voice fades as he runs out the front door.