Use Me

"The High Kith have no morals. All they care about is decadence. Nothing matters except what they want. Wait and see. She will try to use you."

"I want her to."


"I want her  to use in me. I want to be used by anyone. Any use, that anyone would find for me would be fine. Instead I am supposed to wait around in filth like some peasant because father has no plans for me in the future. No, she uses me, and I enjoy it. I do not care if she views me as some play thing, some toy to be discarded when she has had her fun. At least, she will use me and I will know the joys of having been used."

"You are sick!"

"I am sick brother, I am sick of the world having nothing for me. I am not able to fight in war, father does not see me as worthy to operate one of his stores. I am not smart enough to be an academic but far to smart to victim some labor racket. I am too distraught and overwhelmed to be a poet, yet too free to fall victim to the addiction. There is no place in this society for me. Yet, she has made a place for me at her side. Even if she were to abandon me today, at least I have known love. At least my life has been shown some sort of value. Even if fleeting, I have been used, and I have been loved. For you, who has been loved since birth, you have no right to shame those of us seeking but a taste of what you find ordinary."