The Feminine Point of View

"I detest the masculine point of view. I am bored by his heroism, virtue, and honor. I think the best these men can do is not talk about themselves anymore," Whitney spoke gently, crouched on a desk.

The crowd seemed to tune out her words. She hopped down from the desk and grabbed her assault rifle. An older style that still relied on bullets instead of electric charges, thermal shards or any of the dozen other options. It was cold steel that fought a thousand wars for humanity. 

"The credits drained from this casino today will go to several orphanages throughout Sol. That is heroic. I haven't shot a single person today, and don't plan to. That, is virtue. The crooks who operate here may not view me as honorable, but I promise I'm honorable," she continued her tirade. "That's why as long as you all play nice for a few more minutes, we can all go home. Your money is insured, there's no need to worry."

A single man begins to crawl towards Whitney with her back turned. Nobody speaks, they're all hoping to be freed from the situation when he reaches her. The room fills with the sound of screams following a single gunshot. It's silenced by a second. Nobody had been shot but Whitney commanded attention after firing the shots. The next words out of her mouth would determine how the next few minutes played out.

"That's just like a man, trying to play hero," Whitney positions herself over the man with her gun pointed down. "Did any of these people ask you to save them? No, you elected yourself the hero and if I were anyone else, you would already be dead. But I kept my word, and didn't even fill you with bullets when I could have."

Slowly gravity starts to diminish in the building, drinks float away first followed by chips and small items. Whitney's crew quickly wrapped things up and plotted their exit. The escape pods would take them to their ship, they'd hop through a Hafengdan and be free from their pursuers.

"I'd like to remind you all, we're in God only knows what century, and people thing a woman can't rob them. Now you now."

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