Hero Buster

I watch as the crowd celebrates as Icarus descends to the ground carrying a woman who attempted suicide by leaping from a building. The public loves these heroes, and some of them deserve the admiration that comes with the role. Others, like Icarus, lend themselves out to gangs, mobs and other criminals. Icarus will take out other factions for the right price. Right now he takes about twelve percent of the total profit in the Red Chaos Gang. He'll keep working for them until he's hired by someone willing to pay more.

He's far from the only hero in the business taking a cut. Some like Iron George are the ringleaders of their own operations. I'll deal with them eventually. Icarus just lucked out and became the first test run. I adjust the scope of the rifle, making sure it's tight. I target Icarus and follow him to the ground. I watch as the woman hugs him and reporters rush for stories, barely beating the fans looking for autographs.

I pick my moment and squeeze the trigger. I can't see the bullet leave the gun, but I watch as it crashes through Icarus' skull. I'm gone before the crowd can start looking for a shooter. Icarus was easy. He's just a man with some wings. The parable of Icarus flying too close to the sun served as a lesson for many, this is a new lesson. If you're a hero using your gifts for wrong, I'll deal with you.

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