"I cut off my head and threw it in the sky. It turned into birds. Each bird flew in a different direction. I saw everything all at once. Yet, I was overcome and saw nothing. I called it thinking," the Elder rambled.

The youth watched as his eyes turned dark and his words grew quieter and quieter until they were but hushed murmurs. Each of the youth watched as he performed the ritual he called stolen magic. Humans were born without magic, it put them at a disadvantage against The Elves, it led to years of subservience, until one woman found the answer.

She stole the magic. No, she could not physical rip the magic from The Elves, but she could tap into the pool they were born into. Giving her body over, she fell into a broken state for days. Her eyes turned black and she shook without pause. When she awoke the magic resided in her body, the same as it had The Elves. Her descendants were born with magic, and there's in turn. All while The Elves remained ignorant to the idea that humans could use the stolen magic with the same talent they always had. When the day came that humans rebelled and took their own lands and demanded dealings be on equal footing The Elves had been unprepared.

Now the ritual is done when youth become of age, not as a requirement, but as a reminder. A reminder that they should not limit their thoughts to what they have been told. A reminder that they should not limit themselves to what society has told them are the heights. 

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