I felt no romance when you told me that you carried my last letter with you...an empty vessel to flood with whatever longing, dread, or sorrow happened to be the day's mood. I wrote it because I had something to say to you. My pleas felt on deaf ears that day. The letter was my way of crying out, reaching out to you. Yet, no love was returned. No love lost would have been the sweetest of responses. My heart would not have been broken if I had never loved you, nor could I lose the love you once had for me.

The letter once held all of my hopes and dream for us to spend eternity together. Now it is but a moment in my life that I have digested and moved past. For you to hold so dearly to the note simply provides evidence to my theory. You do hold some guilt for the way our relationship ended. I am not the one who can relinquish that burden from your shoulders. Only you, have the ability to free yourself.

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