The Second Body

The first body is the hardest, after that, it's easy. I keep telling myself that as I walk through the project courtyard. I want to look up, make sure nobody is watching me, but I don't want my face to be caught on camera. I keep running my hand over the gun in my jacket, careful not to pull the trigger. If I wasn't wearing gloves I'd be sure my prints were smeared all across the gun. 

I knew the first person I killed, a guy named Benson. He got me robbed, told everyone about it. When the chance came up, I took it. People think I did it, but nobody knows. That's a secret that'll never come out of my mouth. I did the world a favor with that one. Word on the street is he used to get drunk and beat his baby's mom. Robbing people, shooting people. For a while I felt sick about it. I wanted to turn myself in right after it was done. But, then I realized we were better off without him.

This time, I don't know the guy. I know I need some money, and there's a price. I said I'd do it, and here I am. I'm more nervous about this one. There's no trap, there's no set up. I'm just going to do it and run.

I spot him sitting on his stoop, watching. He's not a real dealer, just a watcher. Watch for the cops, shooters and all that. He should be watching for me. I walk towards him, he gives me a head nod. I nod back as I move past him. I turn and pull the trigger and don't stop until the gun is empty. Lights start to switch on in the neighborhood and I just run.

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