Hypocritical Virtues

"They prance around, their hypocritical claims of virtues, but for this alone, the gods loved them, and blessed them. We were shoved into the darkest corners of the continent, our skin became a mark of shame. But did we allow them to shame us? No, we unified, and prepared for when the day would come that we claim our place in the world."

We cheered as the general spoke. He put words to the feelings we all had. We Elves prayed to the same gods yet the high elves were somehow blessed and we were relegated to sand, sun and shadows. Why had their prayers reach so much higher than our own? Why should we continue allowing them to force us into darkness. They are no stronger, smarter or determined than we are. Instead we strive for those things because we were denied them. 

"Our Gods eat at the same table, yet they claim we are cursed with ashen skin because we worship the wrong Gods at that table. The Wood Elves have betrayed us, falling victim to the lies and now we stand alone. They come knocking at our kingdoms doors. We want to live in peace, but they don't want peace. They want dominance, they want us to bend the knee and fall in line with their society. We refuse. We will fight tonight. Many of us will die, more of them will burn. The walls will not fall. The children will be unharmed. We will survive and recover."

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