"Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift," Atu spoke

"Even death?" 

"In death we can no longer be oppressed. We no longer feel sorrow or pain. We're free from the worries of tomorrow and regret of yesterday."

Atu is my age, at least he appeared to be. But he always seemed so much smarter than I was. Braver and more daring than I could ever be. Almost as if he believed nothing could take him down or hold him back. He was the true definition of what a Dark Elf should be, and I lacked in every category.

Tonight he sensed something was bothering me. I revealed my fear of dying in the ongoing war with The High Elves. I had no intentions of participating but the war efforts have gone bad. The Wood Elves have aligned with the High Elves when they had always been a neutral party before. Nobody is sure of what was offered to them, but their cavalry and affinity for nature has turned the tides. Even here in the desert lands where the sand and heat had always been our ally, they find way to overcome. The middle son of each family had been drafted, and soon I will be sent into battle.

I confided in Atu because he has already tasted battle on several occasions. I hoped he could understand my fears. Instead, he seems eager to rush towards whatever fate has waiting for us. He speaks as if faith is an alluring woman, patiently waiting for a dance that will decide the rest of our lives. While he may rush forward and dance with full confidence, I am someone who waits along the wall.

"I realize my words have scarred you. That was not my intention," Atu speaks in a darker tone. "Nevertheless, we are here. Fate cannot be taken from us, but it is also not something we can ignore. I do no wish for you to die, or even kill another. Your soul is far to gentle, and we need more gentle souls. But, whatever fate has in store, it will deliver. Death comes for us all, but so does fate."

"Can we not alter our fate," I ask the question before I think the words.

"That, is a question I do not know the answer to." 

For now we sat in silence, only the chirping of various insects filled the night. I kicked at the sand beneath my feet, searching for an answer that I would never be able to find. I could run, but Atu was right, he tended to be. No matter how fast or far I ran, fate would come for me. 

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