These Walls #13

"You sure sitting there doesn't hurt your neck," Michael asks.

Thomas had chosen to sit on the floor, away from the couch. As they watched the movie he continued to adjust his head in awkward positions, trying to not strain his neck under the weight of his head. Michael had been watching Thomas shift uncomfortably as much as he had been watching the movie. 

"I'm fine," Thomas wasn't really fine.

"You've been acting really weird lately."

"What do you mean," Thomas asked more worried than offended.

"You don't want to hang out with me as often, you're sitting over there like I'm going to attack you. Everything you say has to be thought about before it comes out your mouth."

"I get it."

"Then what's the deal," Michael asks pausing the movie.

Thomas thought about the answer for a moment. He had been best friends with Michal for years. They even had the nickname of "dos idiotas," from their friend group. For almost a decade, they had been nearly inseparable through high school and college.

"Because I like you," Thomas whispers.

"I like you too," Michael responds.

"No, I really like you. Love you, and I can't stand to be around you anymore. Just you touching me makes my body react like it shouldn't. I want to stare into your eyes every morning, hold you in my arms, walk down the street holding your hand. Knowing I can't be with you is killing me slowly," Thomas forces the words out without pausing for air. "You have been a great friend to me, but I want so much more. Every time you tell me you met a new girl I get so jealous. Not of you, but that I couldn't be her. I just want you to see me the way I see you and it can't happen. It's killing me. I'm dying just being near you. The further away I am, the better."

For a moment the two sat, looking into each other's eyes. They'd look away and turn back, unsure of how to process the situation. No matter how Michael responded, their friendship would never be the same again. Thomas tried to wipe the tears from his eyes, but they wouldn't stop. The thoughts rushing through Michael's head were numerous.

"You're so damn stupid. Come sit on the couch with me," Michael pressed play on the movie.

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