Tomatosaurus Rex

"Big bet," Alex yelled as he climbed a breadstick tree.

"That's not fair," Cynthia chased after him.

The mozzarella  forest was thick and full of dangers as they raced through to the end goal. 

"Help," Cynthia called as her leg was trapped between the gap of a mozzarella net.

Alex pulled her from the trap. She was sure he would leave her behind.  "You came back for me," she asked.

"That's what big brothers are for," he saluted her.

The two brave soldiers marched on. That's when they spotted the target. The deadly Tomatosaurus Rex.

The beast was plump and ferocious. Tiny baby carrot arms had never looked so vicious. Alex rushed in pepperoni gun firing but he couldn't get an open shot. The beast was too fast, too aggressive. Soon he was hiding for cover.

"I'm firing thick cut pepperoni," Alex was exhausted.

"I got this," Cynthia said before rushing out of cover.

She was gone before Alex could stop her from rushing into danger.

"There's some chores in this house. There's some chores in this house. I'm a certified geek, seven days of the week. I do my math," she sung and danced.

With the creature distracted Alex snuck out of cover and fired at the weak spot.

"Woah is me," the tomatosaur called out as it whimsically twirled and fell to the ground.

"Great job," Alex complimented his sister.

"That's what little sisters are for."