Joe Blazey

"When you met me, I was scared, a baby," Joe Blazey said wiping blood away from his mouth.

"You're still a baby," Fat Tony said looking down on him.

"Always underestimating me," Joe Blazey rose.

Fights aren't the drawn out battles that they talk about in the bars. They're quick, decisive, there aren't dozens of bodies clashing. The Old Orc had taught him everything, but Joe Blazey wasn't beyond learning new things on his own. He also wasn't above throwing antiquated standards of honor out the window either. Every man had genitals and the Fat Tony wasn't any different. Joe Blazey's fist was quick to connect and Fat Tony was quicker to scream in pain. A flurry of savage punches and kicks followed, when it was done Joe stood tall in the alleyway. 

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