I lost all my friends in Florida. They don't answer calls, they don't answer texts. I'm not tagged on their instagrams and my tweets go out to hollow accounts. There's no more invites to the kickback, no pokes over facebook. They've all left me behind. I'm just a distant memory in pictures of the times we used to have. I wonder if they think about me. Does my memory make them sad or do they think about the times that we had and feel glad?

"Please buckle your seat belts and prepare for takeoff," the captain speaks over the intercom.

I fell in love with Florida. Miami to be exact. The night life was all I wanted. Liquor flowed like faucets. Everyone was rich and good looking. Whole city smelt like good food cooking. But there was danger in the air. You couldn't see it unless you were right there. Tucked behind the palm trees and cool breeze. It's still a city full of OGs. They were raised by the survivors of Miami Drug Wars. A time when drive by shootings were committed by common whores. That's the city I adore. The city that always had something more.

"Shhh, don't cry," a woman cradles her baby. Flights are hard on babies.

I lost myself in Florida. The sweet boy I used to be is no more. I turned into a monster. I never had a fist fight. Now I crave the violence. Shots ring out and people scatter. My intuition tells me to move closer. I wouldn't hurt a fly. Now if I said that it would be a lie. I don't even recognize myself. Last year I would hate myself. Now I just embrace myself. I chose to chase wealth. I know I'm sacrificing my health. But I got nothing else.

"We've arrived in sunny Miami."

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