Politics & Violence

"I demand you leave my home right this instance," the senator demanded.

The elf was becoming flustered. The wispy remains of glorious ponytail whipped around in the wind. His once golden eyes has faded to a pale yellow. He had not been the young and enigmatic elf that was elected by the people long ago. In truth, he hadn't been that elf for a long time. His morals had long changed from when he was elected.

It all came to a point this evening. A storm had come across the kingdom, many were left dead, more injured. Some would never regain their former lives. The senator sat quietly and ate enchanted troll as the people were forced to do their best to survive. Now they demanded to know why he had been sheltered and prepared while they were left to the whims of mother nature. 

"Why are you here," the senator asked, the calm facade finally slipping.

"Why do you hate poor people," someone called out.

"Let's see what riches he's hiding," another yelled.

That was all it took for the masses to rush towards the home. The Senator rushed back inside, covered by massive doors and massive Orcs hired to secure his home. Soon the Orcs were flinging elves to the side as if they were dolls. These were not the highly trained mages who studied at the college, nor were they military trained. These were simply citizens who had enough of the politicians that were supposed to represent them. 

The fight was futile, there was no winning even with the numbers. A ragged fire bolt spell flew through the air. It wasn't something that had been practices for countless hours. It was a retched thing, something a teenager would make when first learning about magic. No more powerful than an average person would use to light their stove at home. 

But it was enough, enough to light the home on fire. It was enough to calm the confrontation. The crowd watched alongside the senator as the house burned. Things wouldn't change, but for tonight, this was enough. In the morning, the senator would begin searching for a new home. They would search for the next opportunity to climb out of poverty. 

But for some, this was the spark needed. They would burn 100 more homes, if it meant true freedom. Freedom from the oppressive rules of aristocracy. Why should people become wealthy from public service? Especially if they were betraying the people that elected them for some wealthy elites. Motivation crept into the eyes of several that night, and it would spread through the town after.

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