What's For Dinner

"Just jot down your dying wishes," Eric spoke to his fallen comrade. "Hey, all your dying wishes."

"Do you remember the yellow sun," Ashlee asked. 

They had come from Earth, a planet far away from where they currently rested. A planet named Acaro, inhabited by outlaws, but billed as the land of dreams. Five moons, each said to be filled with a different precious item, enough to make any dreams come true. They had come to the second moon after hearing that diamonds would rain from the sky. Diamonds did rain, but violence reigned over the moon. It reigned over the entire planet.

"What happens when you can't keep doing it," Ashlee asked, her grip growing weaker in Eric's hand.

"Doing what?"


"You're going to be fine, a trauma team will be here soon," Eric assured her.

"Nah, I won't be fine. Doc says it was a wrap anyway."

Four months ago Ashlee had gone in for a routine checkup with her doctor but after some blood tests, she was sent to a specialist, a gastroenterologist. The doctor had told her she'd be dead in six months from some rare illness. Her options were spend them in hospice, freeze herself cryogenically until a cure could be found, or live life to the fullest. That's why suggested they come here; she wasn't going out without a fight. 

In the past four months she had traveled between solar systems, lived the life of an outlaw miner and finally confessed her love to Eric. It was a rough life, but she turned it around in the end. As she lie bleeding out, she couldn't help but smile as diamonds rained down.