Skeleton Milkshake (Double Negative)

"People die every day, and we're almost done. I don't know why you're getting all worked up now," Elliot forced the words out. His voice raspy from the arguing.

The body had been stripped of flesh and left for the animals in the nearby swamp. All that was left was disposing of the bones. Grind them into powder with a sander and rinse them down the drain or flush them down a toilet. It was probably the easiest way part of the entire ordeal. That didn't stop Elliot from being shaken up by the entire process.

"Yeah, people die every day. But you're not the one killing them," Elliot argued.

"Don't you think I know that," Elliot responded to himself.

"You just have to get it out of your head. He had it coming."

The entire process had broken Elliot, a once confident and mentally sound man. Now he argued with himself in a shed and struggled for control of power tools. At this point he was unsure of who the man he had killed was. He wasn't even sure if it was a man now. He argued more as the bone was sanded down, but couldn't hear himself speak over the sander.

With the bones ground into dust Elliot began the process of scooping cup fulls into the toilet. As he flushed the slurry thickened and slid down the toilet. The one thing he could thing of in that moment was how it looked like a skeleton milkshake.