I Felt Certain I Would Die

Hands tied behind my back, blindfolded and shoved into the trunk, I didn't know what to expect. My brain rushed through thousands of scenarios and questions. How can I escape? Who would want me? Did I have any enemies? What could I have done that would force someone to go through so much trouble?

A bump in the road caused me to slide around in the trunk. I was certain I had fallen asleep but I couldn't be certain how long I had been out. I could only imagine. Again my mind went to death. Would I be taken to some desert in the middle of nowhere to be murdered? Maybe even dig my own grave. Nobody would ever find me.

The car came to a stop, and in the moment I could hear some laughing followed by doors opening and closing. The trunk squealed as it opened and a slight light shone through the blindfold. The friction of the ropes against my wrist burned as I was yanked from the car.

"I'm sorry, please let me go. I'll give you anything you want," I begged my captors.

"Why don't you just shut the fuck up," one growled into my ear.

Someone wrapped an arm around my throat, not enough to choke me out, but enough that I wouldn't have much fight in me. Another door opening, a big one. I just go where I'm lead before I'm tossed into a chair. I hear footsteps move away as I'm left alone. I could try to run away, but I wouldn't get far. Blindfolded, hands behind my back. I could only await my fate.

Heavy foot steps rushed towards me and stopped suddenly. Almost as soon as they stopped what I assume was cold water covered my body. More laughing, this time more than what could fit in the car. Part of me is starting to hope they murder me, get it over with. At this point they're only messing with me for fun.

After sitting alone for what seems like eternity I'm greeted by slower, steadier and lighter footsteps. The person does a few laps around the chair, running a finger across my chest and back. I feel a hand slide across my inner thigh, a second pushes them further apart. This took a turn for the odd. The bag is suddenly ripped from my head.

"Surprise," several people yell as my eyes adjust to the light.

A birthday party? A stripper? Music begins to play before I realized I was inside a strip club. This whole thing had been an elaborate set up for a surprise party. I'm impressed my friends could pull off something as extensive as this, and keep it a secret.

"How you feeling champ," Eric asks.

"I felt certain I would die."

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