Ultra Black

Pride's Warblade, the ultimate sword. The ruler of the Wraca Kingdom had held the sword for the last 129 years. The Kingdom had spent that time conquering nations from the Restless Bay to The Flat Abyss and back again. Their rule was merciless, countless people died and those that survived were forced into slavery. To crush your enemies in battle and crush their spirit was the motto of the Wraca Kingdom and it would be so for another six years until their demise.
Tonight, a new weapon was forged for a young champion. Kian Isaac, was just 19, but he would bring an end to the Wraca Kingdom. His father Lihan had lost a leg when their home was taken. He wasn't fit for slavery, but he was still an excellent blacksmith, although the Wraca didn't see it that way. For years he struggled to find materials good enough. Each year scrapping together any materials he could, when formed together they were pitch black, drawing in any light. The night he forged them he had bribed a local blacksmith for access to his shop.

He christened the sword Ultra Black, again and again he strengthened the blade with his resolve. When it was done the metal was smooth to the touch yet the blade was still serrated, ripping anything it couldn't cut cleanly. With this blade, his son would usher in a new world, one of beauty and unity. Lihan would not live that long, but he would live long enough to see his son become a legendary warrior.