Till The War is Won

Spider webs caught at her face, a sign that no one had been there yet. She was ahead of the rest of her team. The arachnids lair couldn't be much further. Scientists wanted to study how these creatures became sapient, and so large. Jessica knew otherwise, they needed to be wiped out now for the sake of humanity. If she could get to their central nest and light a fire, it would spread to the others and force them out of hiding. 

As she reached deeper into the tunnel the webs became thicker, stickier, tougher to cut through. Still she fought forward, ever closer. She could hear the spiders, almost sense them coming. But she had to keep going. Soon she was in the center, a nest of eggs surrounded by a network leading around the country, seemingly covering her exit already.

She knew there would be no coming back from this. She typed out one last email and prepared her flame thrower. With the rage of three dead siblings she began to burn the tunnels. There were shouts, the rest of her team was arriving, perhaps they could get her out, but these tunnels had to burn. She delighted in the squealing of the spiders as they caught fire and burned. This was revenge and she would see it through to the end.

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