The Weather

Soft warm rain drops down onto my head as I make my way up the street. This is probably the last rain of the summer. Soon we'll be moving into fall. That's my favorite season, not too hot not too cold. Dad always said the season reminded him of me. Never really deciding how to feel about things, always riding the fence.

Now winter, that's cold but it's warm too. There's a lot of good feelings in winter, family and friends gathering. Sure, there's snow on the ground, but everyone is together. Sure it isn't the perfect season but I don't mind the cold, and the snow is pretty. It just comes way too fast. We get October and November, then Winter is right there on us. 

Spring is terrible, it's cold and harsh and long. Spring takes all the worst parts of winter and somehow makes them worse. The weather is more unforgiving then before and there aren't any gatherings with friends and family. It's dark outside early and late still. They say you get a ton of rain in spring, but all I seem to get here is more and more snow. 

Summer, I hate summer. It's hot, and people are angry. We're all crowded together, and people are off work and out of school. Supposedly this is the time of year for relaxation but crime goes through the roof every summer, in every city, in every country. I call it the season of rage. It gives you happy days, but they turn to bitter days really fast. A few eighty degree days and then two weeks of temperatures over one hundred will break you down.

I wish I could rearrange the seasons, or maybe make Fall and Winter a little longer. Take away some of those hundred degree days and have a few more autumn breezes. There's no reason we should go straight from heavy coats to shorts. If I could, I'd file a complaint with Mother Nature. She's got her seasons all mixed up.

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