"This is what we do with the horses," she said as she sponged her mother's hot face, dripping water everywhere.

"You ride these beasts?" her mother asked.

"Every day until we tame them," she laughs.

The mother had come to see why her daughter loved Texas so much. What made her run away from home and never want to come back. It was the wildness of it all. Big cities littered Texas but between them, the state was still as wild as it was during the Alamo. Breaking in horses was just a piece of that, a piece her mother could never understand.

She had come to Texas, she had seen how her daughter lived, and she had even participated. The mother finally understood the daughter. She wouldn't be asking her to return home. She might come back to visit, but she wouldn't be participating in breaking horses again. She had ridden in her younger days, but she was no match for the wild spirit of a horse anymore.

Could she say she was any better than her daughter when she was younger? No, she wanted to be wild and free as well. She chose to run off with an older guy and get pregnant. How could she judge her daughter for riding horses and living on a ranch. In fact, she was proud that the mistakes didn't become generational. 

The spice of life had made her daughter into a strong and independent woman. She could only laugh at the cliche as her daughter helped her back to he feet. She was so angry when she came here, now she couldn't be anything but proud. 

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