Love is Irrational

Eric slammed on the gas pedal in his father's BMW and peeled out of the driveway. He was done with everything at home. He was an adult and decided today was the first night he would live like it. The first night where he could taste freedom without worry.

Eric pulled up to Kaitlyn's home and called her phone. "Come outside, we're leaving this town." Kaitlyn made her way outside but she wasn't in any rush to leave with Eric. She wanted to know where they would go, what they'd do for money and where they'd live. Good questions.

Eric didn't have a single answer for any of her questions. But love is irrational. A butterfly that can fly but won't, a ladybug that isn't a lady or musician that refuses to play. Kaitlyn grabbed a bag of her own and tossed it into the back of the car. Trusting love and Eric.

On the way out of town they stopped at a small wedding chapel, a heart shaped drive through, irrational. They made their way to the window. 

"I do," came quick from both of them. 

They signed their names on the papers and passed the clipboard back. Just like that, they were wed.

"Where are we going," Kaitlyn asked they drove the interstate. 

Eric couldn't think of answer but she had already fallen asleep. He turned the radio down and eased up on the gas providing her with a smooth ride. Soon they'd be somewhere new with nothing to do. Irrational.

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