Full Circle

Today I walked past Dumpton Park train station and saw the place had begun to fall to the ground, turned to near rubble. I remember this is where it all started. When the zombies came, this is where I was. I held out here with a massive group of survivors for a few weeks. Rations were short and fights were frequent, but we got through it all.

Then someone got bitten, and hid it from the group. I know now we could have cut off her arm and she would have been fine. Would have needed a hand with a few things, but she would have been fine. She hid it, afraid we might kill her, and in the end, she killed hundreds of us. The virus spread quickly turning people, fights broke out about who was infected and who wasn't. I had to leave, I chose to take my chances on the outside. I stole a gun, a backpack full of supplies and left in the middle of the night.

Somehow arriving back at this place brings it all full circle. An end might finally be in sight, all the survivors were told to return to the city. Something is about to happen, hopefully we can go back to normal after this. Then again, there's no real normal anymore. This station will never be normal again, it's where I first saw a person be murdered. There's no normal, we can create some sort of society, but it'll never be the same. We've all been through too much, seen too much and changed entirely too much.

I used to think when this was all over I'd settle down and start a family, but I realize that's impossible now. There's no coming back. It was all just a dream for something I didn't know anything about. I didn't realize how crazy this was. I thought one day it would all just go away like a miracle, then it didn't. Our government downplayed it, people didn't take it seriously. It spread rapidly, and here we are. A solution is in reach but there are still people who don't believe there's anything wrong. Maybe that's how this all started, people never believed anything was wrong.

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