Don't You Wish You Had A Car?

I fumble through my backpack for a condom. It had taken me weeks to get up the courage to go into the store and by them. The old lady working the cashier didn't say anything but I could see the judgement in her face. Still, I had been waiting for this moment with Kiarra for a long time. Neither of us had the heart to go through with it until now.

I hold the package tight in my sweating palms, afraid to drop it. I make my way back to the bed and join her. Unsure of what to do next. My heart is pounding as we lie in bed next to each other fully clothed. She takes my hand and holds it tight. I hold hers, afraid to make the next move. We both know what the process of sex looks like but are too afraid to move, unsure of what comes next. 

"Do you want to stay the night," she asks.

"I can call my mom, let her know I'm staying," I say, too afraid to face her.

"My dad will probably make you sleep in the living room."

"I don't mind."

A horn blares outside the house, and my cell phone starts to vibrate. I know my mom is outside. Part of me is upset that I'm leaving without completing the task that we had come here for. The other part is glad she's rescued me for the situation. I don't answer my phone and the horn blares louder and more rapidly between presses.

"I think you should go," Kiarra says.

"Yeah, I'll see you later."

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