Dead Celebrities (Dancing With Vacuum....)

With her faded dress and worn shoes, she knew she couldn't go to the party. It was all for her, and her new number one single, but she was paralyzed with fear. Kai Ross, Sophia Pearce, Holly Stone and Darcy Fern had all been murdered in the past few months. Hannah Holt had one thing in common with all of them, she was a celebrity on the cusp of superstardom.

The police had called him the Celebrity Choker. A serial killer taking out the hardest to reach of people, the guarded and secretive celebrities. The profile they released stated it was a man in his late thirties to mid forties who had wanted to be famous but failed. He was now taking out his anger on those who were close to where he wanted to be. He felt they were taking it for granted, and wanted to teach them a lesson. 

Still many celebrities felt they had nothing to fear. Security and private gates would keep them safe, make sure they weren't followed home, but Hannah didn't have any of that. She didn't have any of that, and had spent the last two weeks inside, making sure nobody was hanging around her home too much. She had armed herself after the first two murders and wasn't taking any chances.

She heard the glass shatter, the back door. She pulled the small .22 caliber pistol from her purse and rushed to the back door. She aimed her gun, ready to fire; but there was nothing but shattered glass. Footsteps hurried above her head. Someone was upstairs. Slowly she made her way up the stairs, hitting the light switch, not to be surprised and slowly scanning each room. A knock a the door downstairs startled her. 

She backed down the stairs slowly and hoped it was the drive coming to take her. She was ready to go to the party after all. She had to get out of the home, someone else had been inside. She'd get a hotel afterwards and stay away for a few nights, maybe stay with a friend. She opened the door.

"Are you ready to go," a driver greeted her.

"You have no idea," she said, sliding the gun in her purse and following him to the limo.

"Something got you on edge," he asked as she entered the limo.

"Celebrity Choker," she stated dumbfounded.

Inside the backseat was her usual driver, bleeding from his skull as if he'd taken a savage beating. Before she could react, she was shoved into the limo, door slamming behind her. The driver slowly pulled off as she panicked trying to open the door or break the glass. The driver was five, and Hannah Holt marked the sixth victim.