Car #85

"Car 85 coming around the bend, ahead of the pack, it looks like there's nothing that can stop it from picking up the championship now," Mack Abott, the commentator screamed into the mic.

Fans cheered in unison as Car 85 flew past the stands before the final straight away. The home town hero Malcolm Garcia was driving the car and making them proud. He brought the love of racing back to the town with his bodacious attitude and flamboyant style. There had been no other driver like him, and there would be none after. Even with all the youth he inspired, none of them could copy Malcolm's style. He was one of a kind.

Only mere feet from the finish line Malcolm's car burst into flames, pieces of the body ripped apart and flung in all directions. Fiberglass parts of the body slammed into the chain link fence separating the fans from the action. A single scream pierced through the silence as the wreckage slid across the finish line.

"Car 85 has won the race, likely at the cost of Malcolm Garcia's life," Mack commented over the PA system.

As fire crews approached the wreckage Malcolm could be seen pulling himself from the wreckage. The crowd cheered as he stood to his feet. A miracle by any standards. He dropped to a knee but was quickly helped up again. He gives the crowd a wave and a thumbs up as enters the ambulance. Other drivers complete the race knowing they could never have a winning finish like that.

For six years Malcolm and car 85 dominated the race scene, after this, they were done. Nothing like going out on top in a blaze of glory. Give them a reason to miss you, before they have a reason to hate you. Malcolm Garcia truly is legendary.

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