Blue Benz

"Wow, I didn't think I would see one of those still moving," I point out the car.

"A Mercedes Benz? Baby blue at that," Zach laughs.

"Must be a pain in the ass to fix, and it looks like there's some extra mods."

"Yeah, zombie cutters up front, a machine gun mounted on the roof. We should take it," Zach suggests.

"I'm not opposed to a joy ride."

We sneak down the hill slowly through the tall grass. We pause to listen every now and then. You can't see the runners in the grass, but sometimes they just lie here and bake in the sun. By the time you see one, you're already bitten. It's best to avoid the tall grass, but if you have to go out there, keep your senses active and move quickly.

By the time we make it near the car we spot the driver leaving an outhouse. He looks relieved, dropped off a huge load no doubt. We're about to help him drop another one. Before we can make a plan Zach has already rushed off to flank the man. I run out the grass and straight at the man. I yell for help, zombies coming, I've been bit. He draws his gun and aims at me. Most rational people would just get in the car and go instead of risking a zombie fight. Then again, who drives a benz in the apocalypse. This guy is far from rational. 

Zach smacks the gun from his hand and throws him against the car. He crumbles to the ground, not much of a survivor. He searches for for the keys while I make sure we're still clear. The car beeps as the doors unlock and we rush to hop in. 

We're met with guns in our faces. I was right, he wasn't much of a survivor, but the man and woman holding shotguns at as seemed to be the real deal. Seems like we though the driver was going to be an easy robbery and didn't consider if he had friends.

"You okay Robby," the man asks pushing me back with his gun.

"Yes, I'm fine," Robby stands up.

"Guns," the woman demands.

We do as we're told, hand over our guns. We can't do anything but watch as they drive down the road. We don't even speak, we just start running back towards camp. Night will be here soon, and you don't even see them coming at night. There's more guns at camp, but we need to get there first.

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