These Walls #11

Droplets of water roll down the side of glass leaving the napkin beneath it moist. A half eaten sandwich from subway, I usually love it but this one is in terrible shape. Bread smashed together like the sandwich maker had it in a choke hold. Plenty of meat, but only a smidgen of each of the veggies and a dollop of sauce concentrated in the center. Maybe if I turned off my desk light it wouldn't seem so bad. Still, it wouldn't taste any better.

Outside my window the sound of fireworks still go off. The 4th of July has long since passed, but my neighbor can't seem to let go of the fireworks. Luckily it's a short show tonight and I'm soon left with just the sounds of my keyboard clicking as each letter bounces back into places. Well that, and the quiet hum of my fan as it blows cool air around the room on a hot summer night.

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