Survivor's Remorse

I can't sleep anymore. Seems like the whole world is watching me, but I know they aren't. It's just the paranoia that's driving me crazy, almost as if I've wronged the entire world. Still have done nothing, nothing I should be punished for anyway. I simply chose to survive, live life the best way I knew how. I did some things that I'm not proud of, but in the end I survived.

The world's change, zombies rule the world, it's that simple. I feel like I betrayed my best friend, but I needed to live. As I sit here in this closet, hoping that they walk past and don't see me, smell me or anything else. I can only think of all the people that I left behind. I've come so far without them, and lived so long. Yet in the end, it seems like it was all for nothing. Would I have been better off if I died with them? No, I'm sure it was better this way. I got to see a lot more sunrises than they ever did. Still, I have nothing to show for it.