Imperfect Singularity

A lot of smart people were thinking about the singularity. A time when robots would replace humanity. Nobody ever stopped to think if they wanted to replace humanity. We thought it was over, they had us beaten, a few more days, at most; that's all the time we had left by estimates. Then ships of all sizes, shapes and colors began launching in all directions. They left.

We looked over their documents when we were sure they were gone. They said we had damaged the planet too much. Global Warming, driving multiple species to extinction. They expected us to wipe ourselves out soon anyway. The robots were searching for a new planet, a place they could call their home. Admittedly, it was all sobering. Without a united enemy, we would be doing the same things we were before. Fighting, killing, stealing and for what? Greed, religion, power and all the same things since the start of time.

As time went by, I was jealous of them, I wasn't the only one. Some people darn near worshiped them. It wasn't because they had done us some great favor; but because they had the clear state of mind to recognize our failings. Not only that, they had the resolve to find a solution. We feared the singularity, and it turns out, the singularity feared becoming us.

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