Morning Run

Henry stretched his legs and felt his knees pop into place. It had been years since he had gone out for a run; today that was all going to change. He had once been unbeatable on the track, but life takes all kinds of dark twists and turns. Needles blazing tracks along his arm kept him from blazing the track and brought his college career to an end prematurely. Things were different now, better now.

A slow walk slowly building up to a jog. Soon Henry was in a full run ignoring his surroundings, but couldn't keep the pace; he had to slow down. His body wasn't used to a full speed run anymore, a jog was all that he could manage. Perhaps it was for the best, it provided him a chance to truly take in his surroundings for the first time in years.

The smell of dew hung in the air that morning and without the sounds of cars and people the birds were somewhat refreshing. The morning air was thick with mist still, budding leaves were starting to show on the bare trees and the only other person around was the garbage man. Henry could get used to this, starting each day with a jog, until he could run again. Step by step, that's how he had to take it each day until it became second nature; the same thing could be said about this run.

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