Love is Like

"Love is like, love is like. Love is like when two birds fly South for the winter and fly North for the summer together. Even though they both came alone," her hands shook as she read from the paper and stuttered over her words.

"Love, is like going to the club together and meeting a beautiful man, or woman. Whatever you like, I'm not judging," she pauses so the crowd knows to laugh. A trick she learned watching others perform. "Still you don't leave with them. Because they don't have a friend for your friend. We came together, we leave together. That's love," she pauses again.

"Bitch you better speak," a woman calls from the crowd. Not as an insult but an encouragement.

"Love is like finding out you share the same taste in music, liking the same movies and wanting the same amount of kids. Love is the foggy sky, moist air, dew covered grass and sweet smell on field trip morning," she pauses.

"Love is like waiting for you to come home. Because love is like knowing when to hold you tight and let you go. But when I let you go, I only want to hold you tight. But when I hold you tight I just want to let go. Love is like so many different things. Love is like, what the fuck?"

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