A Letter

It all started with a letter. A letter with no return address. For months it had sat on Robert's coffee table, unbothered. He would only glance at it and think about the contents. A letter from his father, a man he thought dead long ago. A promise to visit on the 3rd of September with an explanation for all the years missed. Pictures of Robert as a child filled out the rest of the envelope. A cruel joke, someone trying to get under his skin is all he thought of it. But today was the 2nd of September and in a few minutes it would be the 3rd.

Now he was thinking more than ever about the note that had been sitting there for so long. Would his father really come? Where had he been? Why didn't he contact him sooner? So many questions rushed to the front of his mind. Sleep didn't come easy that night, every noise waking Robert in an instant wondering if it was a knock at the door.

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