These Walls #9

"A speeding ticket is why you're so upset," Karen asked.

"No, it's everything else. Weren't you listening," Nate responded in awe and rage.

"I just don't get it."

"Of course you don't. You've never been stopped before and had a cop call three cars for backup. You've never had a cop meet you at the window with his hand on his gun. You've never had to look to your passenger side and see his partner with their gun aimed at your head. Of course, you don't get it."

The sound of Nate slamming the door on his way out echoed through the hallway as his words echoed through Karen's head. He was right, she didn't know what any of that felt like. Still, Karen was sure he was wrong about it being race related. Maybe he was scaring the officers, or acting strange. She'd talk with him about it later and explain how hard the police have it. Certain people just don't come across right to police.

"Oh," she said out loud to just herself. Finally understanding what Nate meant.

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