These Walls #10

"Have I been a naughty kitty, grrr!"

"This isn't working for me Alice."

"Well what works for you Jim? Damn," Alice rips the cat ears from her head and throws them at Jim.

"I don't know, but not this," Jim takes a seat on the bed.

"In therapy you said that you wanted to try something new and exciting because our sex life was boring. This is new and exciting."

"New, yes. Exciting, no. Why are we role playing as cats? Cats are not sexy to me. Are they sexy to you? I was thinking we try some new positions. Maybe get some toys. Not put on different costumes and have the same boring sex as always," Jim paused realizing the magnitude of his words.

"Do you think sex with me is always boring," Alice asked.

Jim paused, "Yes, it always has been. I just, really love you."

"Why is it so boring?"

"You just don't give any energy. You barely move, or make any sounds. I try foreplay and you're just rushing to get to the action because it takes up too much time. Then it's like you're watching the clock. Waiting until we're done."

"I thought men liked that," Alice responded in confusion.

"No, it's a two way dance. Who told you to lay there and flop around like a fish?"

"My last boyfriend. He said it was the best sex ever."

"Y'all didn't do oral? Anal? Switch positions? Anything like that," Jim asked confused.


"He was a serial killer Alice. He had to be. You're lucky."

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