The Race

"Boy, I'm about to dust your Usain Halt looking ass," Kenya takes her place.

"Whatever, with your little FloNo tracksuit," Tevin takes his place beside her.

Kenya finished high school and went on to run D1 track. She'll be entering her senior year soon and is training for the Olympics. Tevin dropped out of school to sell drugs. He claims to have honed his skills while running from the police. Kenya had never beaten him before. He still didn't think she could beat him no matter what training she had been doing. On the surface, it was a simple story as old as time. Girl surpasses boy, boy thinks he can beat girl, just because he's a boy.

"On your mark, get set, GO," the ref for their unofficial race yelled out.

Out of the gate Tevin takes an early lead and maintains it around the first two corners. He's not worried about Kenya catching him. She never could catch him before. He underestimated her and didn't understand there were different kinds of runners. Tevin always went full speed, right out of the gate. He wanted to gain such a commanding lead that it demoralized the competition. Kenya, not so much. She picked up pace as she went, and she started fast. Tevin didn't even notice she had caught him as they approached the final straight. Tevin throws his hands up to celebrate only for Kenya to pass him and win the race with ease. The onlookers clap for the race and collect money they had placed as bets while Kenya and Tevin walk to the side to catch their breath as kids imitate what they had seen.

"You win," Tevin says after finally catching his breath.

"So you're out," Kenya demands.

"I'm out, I'll get a real job," he promises.

"Good," Kenya leans in for a kiss, Tevin meets her half way.

"Get a room," someone yells out at the two of them.

"Now where's my baby," Kenya asked.

"Your baby? You haven't changed one diaper," Tevin argues.

Kenya and Tevin had been inseparable since grade school. Eventually they dated and they had sex as people tend to do. Kenya gave birth to a daughter. Tevin dropped out of school and sold drugs, the only way he could find to support her as a teenage father. This meant Kenya could finish school and go to college. With the Olympics and graduation on the cusp, it was time to be a family. That meant it was time for Tevin to find a new career choice as well. On the surface theirs was a simple story, boy meets girl.

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