I remember the first time I met Jeff. I was sitting on the bench in the park. He just sat next to me, which was strange because there were other benches. It was hot that day, and he could have picked one with shade. Then he just offers me raspberries. Who does that, just shares food with strangers? But I guess I'm to blame too, I hadn't eaten that day because I was nervous about a job interview, I was so hungry I gulped down a dozen as he giggled.

That's why I chose a raspberry bouquet today, along with raspberry shoes. As I look at him standing at the alter in his raspberry bow tie it seems like so long ago that we sat on that bench. We were basically kids playing grown ups. Now look at us, getting married, planning our own family.

"You look beautiful," Jeff says as I make my way to the alter.

"Save it for the vows," his brother reminds him. "And you, stop making with the heart eyes," he says to me before starting. "Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today," he trails off.

In my mind I can only see Jeff. I don't really care about the words being said, they don't mean anything to me. I only want to hear Jeff's vows.

"I sat in that park every day, and I never saw you. Not once, so I knew that day I didn't have a choice but to talk to you if I ever wanted to see you again. I didn't have any pickup lines or anything like that. You looked hungry and I had some raspberries so I gave it a shot," the crowd laughs along with Jeff.

"I was hungry," I speak up as they quiet down, bringing the laughter back.

The strangest thing happened, snowflakes began to fall as he finished his vows. He was the last to notice the snowflakes but he was just as confused as the rest of us. Still, it was a beautiful day to get married and that wouldn't stop us.

"They often say food is the way to a man's heart. Turns out that works for women too. A few raspberries and you had me in the palm of your hand. I really need higher standards," the crowd laughs as Jeff blushes.

His brother quickly finishes the procedures and we head out of the church to our raspberry limousine with a light dusting of snow. It was an odd wedding, but it was ours. The best wedding.

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