Only a Fling

It would only be a fling, she wasn't about to break up a happy home. That's what Abigail told herself over and over again in her head as she approached the doorstep for the first time. That was seven months ago. Now she entered with the key given to her by Michael. She was unaware that Michael's husband Peter would be waiting for her on the couch today.

She had indeed broken up a happy home. Peter was unaware that Michael was bisexual until Abigail walked through the door. Imagine his shock expecting another man only to see a woman. The shock was mutual as Abigail was unaware that Peter was married to a man. Unfortunately, Peter was a little less shocked by her arrival than she was by his appearance.

Fling, the standard definition is to throw or toss ferociously. Peter would waste no time flinging the lamp at Abigail. She ducked, not wanting to be hit in the head. Peter expected that, and had aimed low. The lamp grazed Abigail's head and slammed into the wall. She rushed back out of the door as Peter went after her. By the time she reached her car he was already pelting it with decorative rocks that lined the sides of their drive way.

Abigail slammed on the gas backing out of the driveway and not checking for oncoming traffic as rocks chipped away at her windshield. Peter chased her until he was out of breath but continued to throw rocks. He had impressive aim and distance. He managed to hit her car five more times before she was able to turn off the block.

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