Lucky Cross

It's a fucking disgrace to be born into this family. Dad still can't stop drinking, mom is still selling herself to the highest bidder and here's my little brother in cuffs ready to be sent to jail for theft. I'm a police officer for God's sake. Do they ever think about how this looks? How it effects me. I know he's guilty, he should have just accepted pleaded out the case. But he had to be an ass, and go on about honor.

"I did steal it, but it was for good reason. See, I was stealing it from a thief, and giving it back to the rightful owner," my brother's only defense of his actions earlier in the day.

To think he had the nerve to sit there wearing our grandfather's cross in court. The only other riotous man in the family. A man of the cloth for nearly thirty years who spent every day helping people. How would he feel seeing what his family has become? An alcoholic son married to a prostitute who birthed a thief. I'm trying to make you proud, I'm trying.

The jury enters and takes their seats. The judge gives some thoughts on my brother's actions. Stealing isn't right, even if it is for a good reason. He mentions the police, and that I'm an officer. My brother turns and waves to me. I slide down in my seat. I had worn civilian clothes for this, I didn't want to be seen here today let alone called out by the judge and acknowledged by my brother. I just wanted to try to keep this crappy family together for a little while.

"I'll ask my big brother for help next time, if the jury says I can go," he jokes with the judge as if this is a game.

"Well, what's the verdict," he's actually won the judge over.

"We the jury find the defendant not guilty," the foreman reads.

"The lucky cross never lets me down," he kisses our grandfather's cross and points to me.

I can't stand to take any more of the antics so I make a quick exit from the court room. I'm glad he's not going to jail but I'm embarrassed. I have a brother who is quickly becoming a career criminal. Maybe he's right about that cross being lucky because his luck should have run out a long time ago.

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